Remodelling a kitchen is a huge job, and while it’s worth the effort and the financial investment when done properly, the overall stress of the project is not to be diminished. If you’re interested in remodelling your kitchen, you may have heard a lot of advice or tips from others who already have: some of the advice is good, and some of the advice is damaging and mythological. Here are a few of the most common kitchen remodelling myths that you need to know of so you don’t end up being fooled during your kitchen renovation.

The Budget For A Kitchen Renovation Has To Be A Certain Percentage Of The Home’s Overall Value
You may hear others who’ve renovated their kitchens or renovation enthusiasts suggest that there’s a certain percentage of your home’s value that you must spend on remodelling your kitchen; this is absolutely false. To have a financially successful kitchen renovation, you must work within your own set budget and limitations, do not try to overspend for any kind of arbitrary guideline.

The Budget Can Be Negotiated Through The Renovation’s Progress
Some people think that they have a failsafe by cheaping out on the last parts of their renovation. For example, when remodelling your kitchen, if you spend too much of your budget on appliances, countertops, or shelving, you can buy the cheapest floor possible and have everything even out. Do not approach your renovation in this way. Before you begin your kitchen remodelling, you should have a set budget for each feature of the kitchen from appliances to flooring. Your budget should be allocated properly throughout each part of your kitchen with nothing left up to chance.

I Can DIY My Kitchen
Sometimes, when homeowners are entering their first home renovation project, they vastly underestimate the time, effort, money, and resources that are going to go into the whole experience. If you are not already familiar with contracting, remodelling, and renovations, don’t attempt to DIY your kitchen renovation yourself. You will most likely find yourself in a worse place than when you started, meaning you’ll have to pay a professional contractor to redo the project. For the most successful kitchen remodel possible, hire a reputable and professional contracting company that will do the project right the first time.

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