Ottawa Basement Renovations

When looking at an unfinished basement, some people see a cold and empty storage space, at Vista Reno’s, we see a world of possibilities.

Once upon a time basements weren’t seen as particularly useful, let alone luxurious. Maybe your grandparents’ basement was just for seasonal decorations and the furnace, but your basement has the potential to be whatever you’d like it to be! At Vista Reno’s, we’re delighted to help our clients transform their basement with luxurious renovations from something empty to a whole new beautiful floor of their home! Learn more about the potential your basement has with our expert team of trades professionals.

Full Service Solution 

One of the many things that we take pride in at Vista Reno’s is our ability to serve our clients’ needs throughout the entirety of their basement renovation project. Our diverse team of professionals will help you with each step of the renovation process without once having to consult outside consultants. From initial vision to the final build, Vista Reno’s is ready to make your dream basement a reality!


The first step to designing the perfect basement renovation is having a clear understanding of what you want out of the project. Sit down with our team of expert consultants and designers to help envision your perfect basement renovation whether that means a home theatre or a basement apartment.


Once you feel happy with your vision, it’s time to begin working towards it! Our team of designers will begin to map out your basement renovation through a custom-tailored design to ensure every detail is accounted for including time and price management.


Once the design is approved by you, our team will begin the best part of the job: realizing your vision! We understand how important it is for the homeowners to be in the know regarding their renovation, so they’ll be keeping you included by walking you through the process every step of the way.

Contact us today to discuss your project!

Luxury Design Ideas For Your Remodelled Basement 

The best part about renovating your basement is that it comes with a world of possibilities. By renovating your basement, you’re opening up an entire floor of your home for a variety of different purposes. Need inspiration for the best way to renovate your basement? We’ve got you covered!

Increased Living Space 

A finished and comfortable basement opens up an entirely new floor to your home: in some cases that could be doubling your home’s living space! Stretch out and enjoy more room for the members of your family to enjoy with a finished basement.

Finished Basements 

If your home has an old-school unfinished basement, the very first renovation that can be made is to simply finish the space! From insulating and pipework to drywall and flooring, our experts are eager to help you turn an old concrete basement into a comfortable living space full of endless possibilities.

Second Suites 

Whether you’re housing an older family member who needs their own space, or you’re looking to rent out a basement apartment for extra financial security, there’s plenty of opportunity when you decide to renovate your regular basement into a second suite. Adding a basement apartment to your home not only increases your home’s value, but also can potentially help to bring in more income; either way, a great choice for any homeowner.

Basement Walkouts 

Whether you’re looking for a separate entrance for your basement apartment or a place for the kids to come in after playing outside, a basement walkout is a great choice for many families. A walkout can help your basement feel bigger, brighter, and more functional.


Seasonal decorations, family heirlooms, books, and other important items that we tend to store deserve to be in a cool, dry space free from the creepy crawlies of an unfinished basement. By finishing your basement you’re opening up a world of safe storage to keep your most beloved items safe.

Games Room 

A games room is a great place to kick back, relax, and have some fun for every member of the family. Create a truly comfortable basement meant for the whole family to enjoy by finishing the space and adding a large television, couches, ping pong tables, and pool.

Wine Cellars 

Enjoying the comfort of the finer things in life has never been easier with a gorgeous basement wine cellar. Your basement is out of the way, dry, and cool: the perfect place to store wine. Pair the setting with seating or a small bar to truly create a wonderful experience for any wine lover.

Home Theatres 

Create the theatre of your dreams where there are no crowds, no ads, and the comfiest chairs you’ll ever sit in by renovating your basement into a home theatre. We’re eager to help you create your dream space to enjoy the films you love most with the people you love most!


Whether it be for a basement apartment or a place to cook for company, a basement kitchen can really help increase the value and comfort of your home! At Vista Reno’s, we’re already phenomenal kitchen builders, let us bring that amazing design and build skills to your basement!


Could your family benefit from another bathroom in your home? Most families can! Choose to add a gorgeous basement bathroom or sauna to your home to make life more comfortable and to give your home more functionality!


Need space for guests? Consider renovating your basement into a gorgeous living space for visiting family members and friends. We can help make a beautiful bedroom and living room area that can be easily converted into other rooms when your family’s needs change.

Whatever You Want! 

The best part about a finished basement is the ability to make it into anything you could possibly think of! Our team of designers are always excited to help you find the perfect basement transformation for your family’s needs. Let us help you create the best living space for your home!

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