Frequently Asked Questions

What renovation and construction services do you offer?

At Vista, we’ve never encountered a project we couldn’t handle. We pride ourselves on being able to handle every step of the renovation and remodelling process, from the initial blueprints to the final coat of paint. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will work hand in hand with you to ensure there are no surprises and you’re as happy with the result as we are.

Should I know my exact budget before starting my project?

While there is always room for adjustments, it’s important that you have a rough idea of what your budget will be so that we can present you with options that will fit within it. Every home is different, and as such, so are the unique plans and designs we’ll create for you, and we need to have a clear understanding of your budget in order to create realistic plans. That being said, we’ll do our best to make your wildest dreams a reality within your budget, so you don’t have to compromise. We also believe in complete transparency, which is why it’s important for us to work with you and agree upon a set budget and stick to it so that there are no surprises.

What do you mean when you say “Design/Build” in terms of the services you provide?

Essentially, this means that we’ll work with you throughout every stage of the project, from the initial drawings and concept boards to the final intricate details. Choosing to work with a design/build company simplifies the renovation process for homeowners because they only have to worry about one point of communication, and they don’t have to worry about multiple teams communicating with each other. If you already have a design planned and you’re just looking for someone who can execute it, that’s alright as well.


What cities and towns do you operate within?

We operate within Ottawa, Ontario and the surrounding townships. If you’re wondering if your home is within our areas of operation, check out our locations pages or feel free to give us a call.

Are certain seasons or months better than others for renovations?

Being based in Ottawa, we get this question a lot, and the truth is there’s no bad time to complete renovations. We’ve successfully completed quality renovation projects that meet our high standards all year long. One thing we will suggest is that you book your renovation at least 3 months prior to when you’d like your renovations to begin. This gives us time to source materials, schedule the best personnel for the job, and obtain any necessary permits.

Do you assist homeowners in obtaining the permits required for an addition?

As a design and build renovation company, we’re there for you every step of the way, including the acquisition of the appropriate permits. This is why we suggest booking your renovations as far in advance as possible.