Welcome to fall! The kids are back to school, the weather isn’t as abrasively hot, and everyone is preparing for the cold weather ahead. Fall is a quiet time between summer vacation and the winter holidays where many of us decide to do home renovations and projects before the snow gets in the way. If you’re interested in taking on a home renovation this fall, here are a few features and projects to consider!

Cozy Up In Front Of A New Fireplace
Autumn and winter are both times of the year that we prioritize home comfort…when the rest of the world seems to be freezing over it feels good to come home to a warm and cozy space. A great way to make your space warm and cozy for the cold weather is to install a new fireplace. Fireplaces are beautiful accents that provide great warmth to the atmosphere and are one of the best features to add to your fall renovation.

Encourage Cooking And Hosting With New Countertops
With the arrival of the cold weather comes several holidays and chances to host. Chances are, at some point this fall and winter you’ll be cooking at least one grand meal, maybe turkey, ham, or a delicious dessert. Up your cooking and hosting game by installing new countertops in your kitchen. Your space will be transformed by the new look, and you’ll be thankful for the spacious and functional new countertops come thanksgiving!

Open Up Space In Your Home By Renovating Your Basement
During fall and winter families tend to spend a lot more time inside together. Open up space in your home by renovating your basement. As one of our most popular home renovation features, completely finishing or just remodelling your basement will open up a world of possibilities for your living space. A home gym, a playroom, a home theatre, they’re all great additions to your home, especially when you’re spending lots of time indoors.

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