With every new year comes its own style and design trends unique to the times. While 2022 is still brand new and a lot can happen with aesthetics and design during the course of a year, there are some trends that are projected to be particularly popular this year. From a surplus of plants and natural elements to a multi-function design, here are our expert’s projected home renovation trends for 2022!

A Natural Look
Nature is in this year, and a botanical home is considered a happy and very trendy home. In 2022, we expect home renovation trends to shift towards a natural-looking home with plenty of plants, sunlight, and clean air. Some urban homeowners are going as far as installing a vertical garden in their kitchens for fresh vegetables and herbs for cooking, and you can expect to see large, east-facing windows for maximum sunlight to nourish the plants and people in the home alike!

Home Offices
We’re sure you saw this coming! After the past two years of working from home and conducting much of our business and creativity from the house, home offices are set to be huge in 2022 home renovation trends. Many homeowners are opting to transform their spare room, guest room, or basement into a functional working space complete with bookshelves, relaxed lighting, and neutral colours.

Vintage Inspired Spaces
The seventies are back and that’s just groovy! In 2022, we project that more and more homeowners are going to enjoy a more vintage-inspired look for their space. The great thing about vintage aesthetics is that the definition is loose and can mean a myriad of things from warm neutrals that bring you back to the seventies, or mid-century modern furniture to give your home a chic look. There’s so much that you can do in 2022 with vintage-inspired home renovation trends!

Often, homes in the past few years have been built to be more sustainable, more compact, and more purposeful in the way it uses space. In 2022, you can expect this trend to continue with sleek and savvy multi-purpose spaces like open-concept living areas and extra storage spaces hidden in places like staircases, in-wall shelving, and hidden under benches and other seating options.

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