Ottawa Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom is one of the first rooms you’ll enter when you wake up, and they’re the last place you visit before you turn in for the night.

Your bathroom should feel like your very own private spa. Whether you’re preparing for a wonderful night out or unwinding from work, your bathroom should reflect comfort, luxury, and warmth. At Vista Renos, we believe in the power of a great bathroom which is why our team of experts are eager to help you create a beautiful and functional bathroom that reflects your personality and your needs. With a phenomenal team of professional licenced tradespeople, we’re ready to help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

Full-Service Solution

At Vista Renos, we’re proud to share that we’re a full-service solution for anyone looking to remodel or renovate their bathroom. We do everything in-house, meaning from your initial consultation through to the last touches of design and style, we’re ready to help you with every step in the process of making your dream bathroom a reality.


The first step to creating your perfect bathroom is to first sit down with our team of experts to help us to understand your needs and your ideas for what you need for your bathroom. Once we’ve collected your vision, we bring in our expert contractors to begin the first steps of building your bathroom.


Once we understand your vision and your ideas, we bring in our contractors to create a cohesive and inclusive design to bring your ideas to life. We create a custom-tailored design for your new bathroom as well as a plan to execute your ideas successfully and efficiently.


Once the design is finalized, we get to begin with the most fun part: building! This is when we truly make your dream bathroom a reality by building it quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. Our experts will keep you involved in the process by guiding you through each step of the way.

Luxury Renovations For Your Bathroom Renovation

Need inspiration for your dream bathroom? No problem! At Vista Renos, we’re always excited to help our customers build the bathroom of their dreams with the most luxurious and modern bathroom fixtures on the market. Here are a few of our favourite luxury bathroom renovation staples!

Sauna Or Steam Shower

Steam has been proven to be great for your skin, while also being a great stress reliever. Bring the best part of the spa home with you by including a personal sauna or steam shower in your bathroom renovation!

Heated Floor

During the winter months in Ottawa, it can be uncomfortable to be half asleep and standing on cold flooring. Make your bathroom the warmest and coziest space in your home by installing luxurious heated floors.

Space-Age Toilet

You have no idea how much a great toilet can enhance your life until you have one of your own! From a bidet to heated seats, high end toilets go far beyond the average and bring unique style to your bathroom design.

Double Sinks

Not only do double sinks look luxurious and elegant, but they also serve a great purpose for those who share their bathroom with a partner. 

Wall-Mounted Heated Towel Rack

Stepping out of the shower into a nice clean towel has never been more luxurious! Never experience that cold-out-of-the-shower feeling again with a luxurious wall-mounted heated towel rack.

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