Older Ottawa homes tend to have very bare and empty basements, sending many homeowners looking to renovate theirs into a home gym, a home office, a rec room, or another bedroom– anything that can make use of the space. If you’re in Ottawa and you’re looking to do a full basement renovation, we recommend making these few things a priority before moving forward with the project.

Proper Insulation
As basements are underground and somewhat separate from the rest of the house, having proper insulation is key to keeping your basement comfortable. Invest in high-quality insulation and competent professionals to install it so you don’t have to worry about your basement being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Considering the severity of Ottawa’s summers and winters, we recommend putting a lot of emphasis on insulation during your basement renovation.

Basements don’t always get a lot of natural light, so the best course of action to make your basement feel bright, inviting, and clean, is to invest in high-quality lighting. Choose lights that fit your personal style and install several of them throughout each room in the basement to keep it bright and welcoming. Being in a basement doesn’t mean you have to feel like you are in a dungeon.

Big Bright Windows
For both lighting and safety reasons, it’s very important to have big (or as big as possible) windows. Not only does a large window provide more sunlight and make your space feel less underground, but it will also provide a safe way out of the room in case of an emergency. To avoid feeling like you’re in a cellar, invest in the biggest and brightest windows possible.

Consult The Experts
If you’re looking into doing a basement renovation in Ottawa, give Vista Renos a call and book a consultation. Basement renovations are very popular and rewarding, but you first need to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. At Vista Renos, we can make sure your basement renovation is of the best quality possible, and completed efficiently. Give us a call to get your perfect basement renovation in no time.

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