The exterior of your home is how you present yourself to the neighbourhood. To have a well-kept garden, freshly painted windows, or a gorgeous hardwood porch is to show the best of your house to the world. A clean and well-maintained exterior is inviting to guests and neighbours, shows that you have pride in your space, and will ultimately invite you to spend more time outdoors, but where do you start? Here are a few tips for renovating the exterior of your home!

Change Out Your Windows And Front Door For Something More Modern
Changing your windows and doors is like giving your house a facelift! When you feel like you’d like to modernize your home without changing the integrity of the build, a new door that follows modern interior design trends, and fresh new windows and window panes can make a huge difference to how your home presents itself to the world. Personalize your doors further by picking the perfect door knobs and locks, or you can even take the opportunity to modernize your front door further with an electric smart-lock.

Add A Front Porch
If your home doesn’t already have one, a beautiful front porch can be an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming addition to your home’s exterior. Out of all of these tips for renovating the exterior of your home, this one will make the most drastic and noticeable change. Invest in a porch to expand your space to relax in your home, and to truly enjoy being outside. A lovely porch swing or a pair of chairs will add that little extra bit of charm to the exterior of your home.

Invest In Landscaping
Whether it be a beautiful fragrant garden of flowers or a sapling that will turn into a strong and shady tree, landscaping can make all the difference. Adding some shrubbery or floral elements is a great way to incorporate colour, personality, and elegance to the exterior of your home. Landscaping is one of the more economically friendly and impactful ways of changing the appearance of your home, and the upkeep of a garden is a great way to get out in the sun and exercise during the summer!

Consult The Experts
When you’re looking to take the steps to renovate the exterior of your home, know when to consult the experts. Vista Renos understands the value of personalizing every aspect of your home from interior to exterior. Contact Vista Renos today for the first steps in making the exterior of your home truly reflective of who you are.

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