It’s not always the first space that homeowners think to renovate, but it’s one of the spaces they get most excited about because using a brand-new bathroom leaves you feeling refreshed. As the bathroom renovation experts in Ottawa, we felt it is only right to share a few tips and trends for upgrading your bathroom.

The features you choose to include in your bathroom will ultimately depend on whether it is a master bathroom, an en suite bathroom, or a half bath. Regardless of what type of bathroom it is, Ottawa residents can rest assured knowing that the bathroom renovation experts at Vista can make their dreams a reality.

Heated Floors
One thing we suggest homeowners include in any bathroom with a shower or tub is heated flooring. Anyone who lives in Ottawa will appreciate the luxury of having heated bathroom flooring, and as a result, the team of renovation experts at Vista has a lot of experience with their installation. Heated flooring can be electrical or radiant, which means it uses hot water to generate the heat, but regardless of which style you choose, your freezing feet will thank you.

Wet Rooms
If you find that no matter how many bath mats you put down, the floors in your bathroom always manage to get wet, then a wet room might be right for you. A wet room is essentially a large walk-in shower that contains your standalone tub and showerheads to ensure all of the water is contained in that room. The nice thing about wet rooms is they can also double as steam rooms or saunas. Wet rooms are ideal for a master bathroom where you can enjoy some private time and freshen up for the day ahead or unwind before you turn in for the night. This may seem like a luxurious feature, but a bathroom renovation is your chance to make your dreams a reality and the experts at Vista help.

Floating Vanities
Floating vanities are extremely popular, but it’s not just because they look great. Installing floating vanities allows you to effortlessly clean underneath the storage space, and if water ever pools on the floor, which tends to happen in washrooms, you can clean it up with ease. Another nice thing about floating vanities is they allow you to easily change the flooring or even the vanity down the road when your style preferences change.

Get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of with help from the renovation experts at Vista!

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