Although there’s never a bad time to remodel your home, there are times of the year that offer certain advantages, like the spring and summer months. Before you decide what season is best for your remodelling project, consider these benefits that highlight why the spring and summer months are the best time to renovate your home.

As we mentioned, it’s always a great time to renovate, but the spring and summer are known for being the most ideal time for remodelling your home largely due to the weather and temperature. In terms of temperature, the spring falls in that goldilocks zone, where it’s not too hot or too cold, which makes it perfect for completing jobs that require physical labour. While it may be a little hotter in the summer, Ottawa usually sees less rain during this season, meaning less potential weather delays. The weather in general is of course a major factor though, and it impacts much more than comfort. Snow and ice can make completing certain jobs like pouring concrete, excavation, and shingling roofs difficult, if not impossible. So, although spring is rainy on occasion and summer can reach high temperatures, the combination of ideal weather and sunlight make it the perfect time for remodelling your home.

Based on the points about spring presented above, you might be wondering why we didn’t just suggest starting your home remodelling project solely in the summer. It may be the warmest and driest time of year, but every other homeowner and contractor knows this information as well. Summer is a busy season for construction and renovation projects, which can make scheduling your project and acquiring supplies and equipment difficult due to the high demand levels. Don’t let this deter you though! Planning your remodelling project well ahead of time should remedy any issues with demand and supplies.

We’ve addressed the weather and scheduling factors that make spring and summer the most ideal time for remodelling your home, but what about how all of this fits your personal life. Renovations can be stressful because homeowners either choose to live in their home while the work is being done, or temporarily move into a hotel or rental property. The nice thing about spring is that your children will still be in school, which means you won’t have to worry about entertaining them or keeping them out of active construction zones during the day. The summer can be a little trickier since your kids will be home, but we all generally spend a lot more time out of the house during this season, so this really shouldn’t be a big issue as long as everyone in your family understands to steer clear of any spaces that are under construction. Plus, depending on the scale of the project, if you start in the spring or summer, you should have the home of your dreams by the time the fall rolls around.

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